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REGULAR Member – a nurse certified by the Professional Regulation Commission to lawfully engage in the practice of occupational health nursing. Application has been accepted and duly sworn.

ASSOCIATE Member – a registered nurse who has shown definite interest in the activities of the Association, but is not in the field of occupational health. He shall pay all dues prescribed and is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a regular member, except the right to be voted for any office.

HONORARY Member – a former active member and a member of the Board who is no longer employed. He can still vote and be voted upon provided he has paid the membership fees and all dues prescribed.

CHARTER Member – shall be registered nurse who has taken part in establishing the registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. An unemployed charter member need not pay his membership dues, registration fees to conventions and scientific meetings, and eligible to vote, but not to be voted upon.


How to become an OHNAP Member

  • Must present an active PRC License
  • Must pay the membership fee of Php 300.00

(valid from September to August of every year)

  • Must submit 1 1×1 size ID Picture
  • Must fill up OHNAP Membership form
  • Must fill up Sunlife Insurance form with affixed signature by the member *

*The Sunlife “Life” Insurance is one of the benefits a member gets once she/he becomes an OHNAP member.

Please pay your membership fee annually to avail the benefits of OHNAP.